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Woodall Dairy Road

Prime location in the growing Benson area.

  • I-1, Light Industrial

  • Less than a mile from I-95, which has 58,000 motorists per day

  • 1.5 miles from I-40 and 43,000 motorists per day

  • The Town of Benson hosts several seasonal events that see 5,000 to 10,000+ crowds each year

Drive radius in relation to neighboring populations:

  • 5-mile drive - 15,576 persons

  • 10-mile drive - 66,746 persons

  • 15-mile drive - 148,169 persons


47.47 acres of industrial property less than 50 miles from the nearest airport, RDU.

Full municipal services are avaliable at each site.

For more information:

Contact Matt Zapp, Town Manager for the Town of Benson
(919) 894-1606

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