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Benson, NC

A small town with big ideas

Benson is a vibrant, growing community nestled in central North Carolina. Our location to major interstates and highways, railroads, and port access establish a strong presence in the businesses sector. In the last decade, Benson’s location to one of the most innovative areas in the southeast, Raleigh, North Carolina, continues to guide our focus in green technologies to benefit local businesses and commercial stakeholders.  

State-Level Assistance for New Industries

Specific areas within Johnston County have applied for and been designated as State Development Zones. These areas offer state tax abatements greater than what is currently offered under the Article 3J Tax Credits. Johnston County is currently listed as a Tier 3 category and is able to offer tax incentives for new and expanding businesses as outlined in that tax program. You can obtain a list of the County Development Zones through the Economic Development Office. 

Grant Opportunities

Downtown Revitalization Incentives / Industrial Development Incentives


Downtown Benson

Façade Improvement Grant

During the early 21st century the economic development trends of suburban sprawl and urban renewal have met somewhere in the middle. The decrease in developable land within cities and the rise of the green movement have created an interesting dichotomy for land use planners and economic developers. These forces have led to a push for revitalization of existing communities and municipality development and expansion in others.

The Town of Benson takes great pride in its historic downtown and recognizes that it is one of its many vital economic resources. As it stands, Downtown Benson serves as the Town’s central business district providing citizens and visitors with a multitude of opportunities to live, work, shop, dine and play.


Due to the availability of land and ideal location, the Town of Benson has a very realistic opportunity to attract significant industrial development. Availability of land and location are not the only factors that encourage industrial development. Competition has steadily increased as every town, county and state seek to better the lives of their constituency. In order to compete, it is necessary to consider offering development incentives that are much larger in scope than current commercial development measures.


For more information about these incentives, please visit the
Town of Benson Development Incentive Toolbox!

Existing Technologies and Programs


Two-way smart
metering for both
electric and water utilities


Low-cost water and
electric rates


Free public wifi in
downtown Benson


High-speed internet with expansion possibilities for commercial ventures


Agriculturally-rich community


Student agriculture education programs at local high school


Mulch recycling
program for residents
and business owners


Electronics recycling program through a local business partnership

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